New Wildlife Conservation Stamp Needs Your Support!

Corey Finger and the folks over at 10,000 Birds have launched a petition to create a Wildlife Conservation Stamp modeled after the Duck Stamp and similar state programs like the Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp. As someone who’s love of the outdoors (and birds!) has it’s roots in hunting trips with my dad, I think this is a fantastic idea!

To sign the petition click here.

Yup, that’s where you come in: To help bring in even more conservation dollars to our National Wildlife Refuge System on behalf of those who enjoy what those conservation efforts have done for America’s native plants and wildlife (game and nongame species alike), all you need to do is spread the word, and sign this petitionWe need 25,000 votes by December 14th, so every signature counts!

First Federal Duck Stamp. Design by J.N. 'Ding' Darling

First Federal Duck Stamp. Design by J.N. ‘Ding’ Darling [Source]

The Backstory: The Duck Stamp has been a huge success in helping set aside habitat for waterfowl by putting 99 cents on every dollar towards purchasing and leasing wetland habitat under the National Wildlife Refuge System — along the way, these efforts have conserved vital habitat for countless other species.  There’s also a Junior Duck Stamp program that supports environmental education programs.  Many non-hunters, for example, bird watchers, regularly purchase Duck Stamps to support to these great programs. A Federal Wildlife Conservation Stamp will give birders, hikers, photographers and others a way to be recognized along side hunters for their conservation support and this stamp will hopefully encourage more of the people who enjoy wildlife (be they hunters or not) to make a contribution on behalf of more than just the game species protected by the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Now, share this post, then go sign! 🙂

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