Too many birding forums in Ohio?

There has recently been some discussion about the fate of the Ohio-Birds email list with the recent rise of the Birding Ohio facebook group and with other Ohio birding forums like  Some were concerned about Ohio-Birds falling out of style, so I thought I’d take a look at posting rates to see if there has been any noticeable drop in posting rates to the email list since the facebook group was launched on 3 Jan 2012.  The results? The email list is doing just fine, and showing no obvious signs of slowing down.

OHIO-BIRDS email list vs. Birding Ohio facebook group activity.

Top: Birding Ohio facebook group activity since it’s launch on 3 Jan 2012.
Bottom: OHIO-BIRDS posts/emails per month over the past 6 calendar years.

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5 Responses to Too many birding forums in Ohio?

  1. ehra cruz says:

    I am curious of how the graph was done to show those analytic reports.

    • Paul Hurtado says:

      The Facebook group numbers were obtained by skimming all the group wall posts for mentions of group size — people liked to point out milestones 😉 The email list numbers were gleaned from the archives, which show number of posts per month.

      • Ehra says:

        Hi Paul, thanks for the response, but would you mind telling me more about it? I am just so eager to know if there is a posibility that I could track group’s activity. Thank you.

  2. Paul Hurtado says:

    Really, there isn’t much more to it than I described above. Tracking group activity, in this case, was done the hard way: I manually read through the facebook group’s wall and found all mentions of the number of members, noted the date and count, then plotted those numbers. Likewise, I went through the Ohio Birds email list archives ( and compiled the number of posts each month, and plotted those.

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