I’ve been meaning to start blogging about (mostly) birding, and I’ve finally gotten around setting up shop.

Why a (mostly) birding blog?

For starters, I like writing and blogging is a great way to keep it up. When I have my academic hat on, I don’t get to write all that much despite plenty of good reasons to do a little writing on the side!  But what if I feel the need to write about something, say, a bit more mathy? Well, I’m putting together a blog for that too.

What else might appear here, besides birds?

Going birding usually means going to natural areas, rivers, lakes, parks — places where you can find wildlife.  That means I frequently run into all sorts of other critters while out birding, so my attention is often stolen away from birds.  I also really enjoy herps (reptiles and amphibians), so they’ll probably show up from time to time. Sadly, plants and I never cared much for one another, though I may from time to time mention a few — especially if I ever attempt to learn more about the local flora.

I’ll likely update this first post with more details, but in the meantime, let me know if you have any suggestions, questions or comments!

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